AVAILABLE NOW: Intimacy From His View-What Black Men Have to Say About Intimacy

Get your copy today! In Intimacy from His View-What Black Men Have to Say About Intimacy, debut author and certified life coach, Jeremy J. Johnson presents us with an insightful look at how black men perceive...




Introducing Jeremy Johnson Blog-The Interactive Blog for Indie Artists

JANUARY 31, 2021/ JEREMYJJOHNSON2020 Enter at your own risk, but do enter!  To start a blog or to not start a blog, that is the question, right?...

exPress yoUrself!!!

FEBRUARY 2, 2021/ JEREMYJJOHNSON2020 We all love to express ourselves. We just choose to do so in different ways. Some of us express ourselves through our...



Watch this ultra-hypnotic supercomputer simulation of galaxies feasting

Last week, news broke that James Dean will star in a new movie-64 years after his death. A production company called Magic City got...


Love Letter II

About last Friday. Can you feel the energy emanating froM these picS? Then you definitely want to be in the house Saturday, March 26,...

Jeremy Johnson LIVE!

I need all my Atl and surrounding area fans to come out and show some love this Wednesday night. See flyer for details. You don’t want to miss this!! . Ima put it down, you gon fall in love!