The Sword is Mighty, But The Pen is Mightier!

    Jeremy Johnson

    The Sword is Mighty, But The Pen is Mightier!

    I recently read a quote credited to Martin Luther, that suggests, “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.” As a child, I remember my father telling me, “Son, always have a pen in your possession.” At that time, I didn’t quite understand the gravity of his words. For all I cared, back then, my father was just some blubbering, old man just talkin’ to be talkin.’ I wasn’t thinking about a pen, paper, or writing for that matter.  Like many young boys my age, I just wanted to go outside and play.

    And then, I turned thirteen. I’m not exactly sure what transpired.  I mean, yeah, there was puberty, but emotionally, spiritually, and artistically, I was being pulled in a direction from which I could not escape.  To my knowledge, I didn’t ask to be pulled in this direction; neither did I understand completely what was happening.  All I can tell you is that pen thing that my father would say, started to make a little more sense.  Some of you may be asking, “what the hell was so significant about thirteen?”  Well, age 13, was the year I discovered my love and passion for songwriting.  From what I recollect, I was a young, inquisitive, and academically focused young man who would slowly begin to recognize that I had a gift for stringing words together and making them sound like melodies from heaven.

    So, my indie artsy-artists, this week, I would like to pass along the same suggestion that was given to me so many years ago.  ALWAYS have a pen in your possession.  Yes, you can also have your 5-G powered cellphone handy, but in the event that a test of the Emergency Broadcast System goes into effect, and you lose the functionality of your cellular devices for however long it is decided that you should remain off the grid while that little test is being run, guess what?  You have a solid, fool-proof backup plan. YOUR PEN.

    Why is this so important? I’m glad you asked.  It’s important, my indie artsy-artists because you can’t afford to miss a single idea. You can’t afford to bypass or neglect divine inspiration. You think that little voice that whispers in your ears, and causes you to look around and make sure no one is judging the crazy motion you just made because it startled you, is a coincidence?  You think those goosebumps that flood your arms and stirs your soul with a life-giving, world-changing message is by accident? Let me tell you.  It’s NOT! It’s quite purposeful and YOU being chosen to bring forth a much-needed word is part of the Universe’s beautiful, tapestry design.

    You must not allow the world’s next greatest lyrics to slip from your fingertips or your gifted lips.  It’s important to have a pen handy because you have been sent here with a purpose and that purpose can only be fulfilled when you are fully equipped and ready for service.  Throughout history, the sword has been used to inflict wounds and even cause mass death. It is indeed a mighty, mighty weapon.  But, my beautiful indie artsy-artists,  you should know that the pen is mightier.  The words you write with your pen can result in death, and just as easily they can create and sustain life.  American singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie wrote,  “Some will rob you with a six-gun, And some with a fountain pen.” You don’t want to be that artist whose moment of inspiration evaporates into the wind before you have the moment to pen it down. I’ll close with the words of John Greenleaf Whittier, “For all sad words or tongue and pen, The saddest of these, “It might have been.”  MESSAGE!

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