Mustard, Wool Trench $15.00/ W Suede, Brown Conductor styled Cap-$5.99
Crush Red Velvet Blazer-$6.99
Assorted Broaches -$3.99

I recently read a quote that said, “If you have to brag about all of the material things in your life, there probably isn’t much else to it.”  I mean, we all can be guilty of bragging a bit here and there.  We love to show off our new car, our new house, new chain, and shit like that.  Partly because we are proud to have been able to acquire that new “thing,” and partly because, well, we like the attention and validation that we get from others (even if we say we don’t).  Do we really need validation from others?  NO. Not really. But that still doesn’t change the fact that we like to have it.

So, this whole notion of excessive spending, what is it all about?  Writer Shahram Heshmat, outlines a few of the causes in his blog, “10 Reasons Why People Spend Too Much Money.” I’m not about to sit here and recap all ten reasons, but I find a few of them very interesting. 

Alright, my indie artsy-artists, this is where you’re gonna really want to make sure you’re paying attention, so as not to develop or further develop any of these bad habits. Heshmat suggests that one reason for excessive spending is the notion of present bias. This involves “disregarding our longer-term interests in favor of immediate gratification.” In other words, rather than saving for that house, taking luxury vacation trips here and now is the order of the day.  Another reason for our spend, spend, spend pattern is that many of us are low on will power. We simply lack applying purposeful control over our impulsive behaviors.  For the complete list of reasons Heshmat mentions, check out his article ( 

But check it my little indie artsy-artists, there is absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and again.  Truthfully, as artists, you have to, and are pretty much expected, to have some style about yourself, especially when it comes to your dress swag.  Great news! You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to styling.  Let me show you how to work it; how to look “Fabulous4Le$$.”

1. Thrift Shops

Disregard what you think you know about thrift shops and take your ass on down there to the goodwill.  You will be surprised at the many steals and deals you can wheel. For instance, baby, when I tell you that my newest cherry red blazer was all of $5.99, but I wear it and make it look like it cost a Million Bucks, that’s what the fux I mean.  Thrift shop, mutha fuckahs. Go!

2. Consignment Shops

I can hear some of you right now, “Ain’t that the same thing as a thrift shop.” No, Boo Boo Kitty.  While thrift shops primarily receive donations and accept virtually everything from garments with holes in them to “soled-out” shoes, consignment shops are a lot more selective about what they take in. The selections from which you get to choose, my dear indie artsy-artists are a lot more varied.  While the prices can be a bit more expensive than thrift shop prices, on average, there is still a considerable chance for you to come out looking Fabulous4le$$.

3. Ebay and Craigslist

Yes, there are a lot of creeps on Craigslist, but then, truthfully, there’s creeps at the gym, in church, the corner store and virtually, and I do mean virtually anywhere else you can think of.  But all creeps aside, you can walk away with some pretty sweet deals by scouring the clothing section of Craigslist, or doing a search for clothing, shoes and accessories on Ebay.  The cool thing about this platform is that you can bid what’s comfortable for your budget and you don’t have to feel any pressure to budge beyond what you desire to pay. Can you say, Fabuloooousss?

4. Wait for the Sales

Some of us have this, “I have to have it right now” mentality.  No, you don’t.  The only thing you really need right now is air.  I mean, yeah, we need food and shelter, but you get my point.  Hey indie artsy-artist, listen to me.  Wait for the sale. As a former retail salesperson, I often think about how much money is made off of people who simply do not exercise patience.  I look at people like that and think, “Yes, bitch, we’re wearing the same pair of jeans. The only difference is, I got mine at 50% off!  A little waiting ain’t never killed nobody; except for maybe the people who feel like they need the vaccine. Let me not speak on that too much. That is a sensitive matter.

5. Pay With Cash

Now y’all know, we love whipping out that little plastic, flat dick at any given moment.  Yep, we’ll take our dick out in restaurants, at the mall, at the grocery store, even in church. OH MY! Not the flat plastic dick.  Yes, I’m talking about our credit card.  And the reason I’m calling it the flat, plastic penis is because it FUCKS us every time.  Yes, you whip that shit out and go to sticking it in this slot over here and this slot over there, and before you know it, you’ve fucked yourself into a huge financial hole.  My advice is to exercise a little prudence and pay with cash.  This eliminates the need to worry about high ass, unnecessary ass interest rates.  Same merchandise, you just saved yourself a little money.  And trust me, my indie artsy-artists babies, the money that you save on looking fabulous will be well spent on other parts of your artistic journey.

Looking fabulous is just one small aspect of your indie artistry. Baby, we still have to talk about; cutting records, marketing and promotions, touring, and so much more.  You don’t have to take my advice, but you’d almost be silly not to.  Trust me when I tell you, nobody really cares about how much you paid for your Rolex; especially when A.) You’re making payments on it, and B.) a picture on the internet reveals you at home eatin’ Ramen noodles in the living room with no furniture.  Boi Stop and Gyrl bye.  If you need help workin’ that thang out, give me a shout, and I’m more than happy to show you how it’s done, because I’m the king of bragging when it comes to looking Fabulous 4le$$, and ain’t no shame in my game, herney!

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