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We all love to express ourselves. We just choose to do so in different ways. Some of us express ourselves through our love for singing! Others express themselves through painting. Here at Jeremy Johnson Blog, we welcome you to express yourself in our weekly opinion poll. Join our growing fanbase and help evoke thought, foster open dialogue, and create more awareness.

Which most closely resembles your thoughts regarding the Covid-19 Vaccination that is soon to be available for “All?”

Your answers are voluntary, thou happily desired eh hem..[solicited], and constitute your “unforced, original, youdamn right this is how I feel” opinion.

I got mine you gotta get yoursWhere you gon’ put it?

In my my neck or my back? My $#%%bleep or my crack?As soon as it’s offered, I’m on it doggone it!Gonna wait this one out for a lil bit.I said, Hell Naw! (What did you say to me Miss Millie?)I’m scared…lions and tigers and bears, Oh MyCome through Mother Nature with your oils, natural minerals and vitamins, foods and such..CREATE YOUR OWN POLL WITH CROWDSIGNAL

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