Valentine’s Day is upon us once again.  This year, join us for a pre-celebration filled with food, drinks, live music, and open discussion because it’s all about love and wellness.  Join J’Da Prynce and friends as we turn down the lights and turn up the intimacy! See you there!

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To start a blog or to not start a blog, that is the question, right? I mean like, everybody’s blogging. Mama’s blogging. Daddy’s blogging. Your greasy-sleazy Grandpa is blogging.  Even Fido, some family’s cocker-poodle doo dog has his own blog site. WOOF.Com or something. So, back to the original question with a touch of a sexy follow-up question. (ooooh ahhhhh).

Should I start a blog, or should I not start a blog? Interestingly enough, I dig a google search and came across this blog written by Emily Cox on September 2, 2019, and published on the Modern Singer Blog Site. I took the liberty of shortening the URL. Thanks, Point for Jeremy.

Ntwhoo, (that’s anyhow for you sophisticated indie-artists out there) in this blog, Cox does a fantastic job of listing the pros and woes of blogging. What are some of the pros, you may ask?  For starters, Cox suggests that blogging is a way to gain more exposure.  Well, I’ll be doggone because as I reviewed the analytics related to our parent site, visitors, indeed the blog post I made about my show last Tuesday, reaped more traffic than other recent posts. Sure did.  Other pros to blogging are that it’s pretty damn easy to do, and it’s also an inexpensive way to advertise.  I’m not gonna insult your intelligence by reciting the entire article.  Hell, it’s only a five-minute read that’s definitely worth checking-out.  But, let it suffice to say, that as a result of reading ole girl’s blog, I came to the conclusion that I too have something of value to share, so consider this my introductory post.

I’m Jeremy Johnson and I would like to welcome you to my inter-active blog.  Enter with an open mind. I encourage you to know the benefits of having an open mind and the risks of not having one.  Our mission at Jeremy Johnson Blog is to cover all of the necessary topics independent artists need to know to succeed in this business of music. From producing a music record and promoting your brand, to styling yourself for the stage, Jeremy Johnson Blog is the one-stop-shop you’ve been searching for. We invite you to share our blog with a friend. Share it with a friend of a friend.  Enter-Act with us, and we will Enter-Act[s] with you, through activities, occasional give-a-ways, and coming very soon, exclusive content for subscribers only! It’s cold outside.  So, come on in! Tell us what you think. Tell us how our blog makes you feel and let us know which topics you’d like us to cover.

NOW that we’ve been properly introduced, stay tuned for our first official weekly post, where we will dive into how you, the artist, can look FABULOUS4LE$$.  That’s right, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look like you did, and we’re gonna show you how.  Okurrr. Thanks, Cardi B. See you next Tuesday!

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J’Da Prynce performing live tonight..

Atlanta and surrounding areas, we don’t know when Covidisha is going away, but, we do know that life doesn’t stop, or wait for no man, woman, transgender etc, dog, cat, pig or chicken.  So, get out your mask, suit up, and I’ll see you tonight at Miami Lounge, Norcross, GA. See flyer for details!  Also, don’t forget you may purchase my new book, “Intimacy From His View, What Black Men Have to Say About Intimacy by visiting, And, as a reminder, follow me on Instagram @jdaprynce and @author_jeremy_j_Johnson.

Official book launch and signing, Atlanta, GA, Sunday December 13th, 2020 from 6-9:00pm

You must RSVP here due to limited seating. COVID-19 guidelines will be followed during this event.

If you believe in stereotypes, then men, especially African American men, tend to often confuse intimacy and sex. One brother, Jeremy Johnson,  a writer, educator, performing artist and Certified Life Coach, set out on a mission to find out what his brothers, of all sexual orientations, are really thinking. Johnson’s publishing company, Applaud You Talent Group, LLC, is weeks away from releasing his new book, Intimacy From His View-What Black Men Have to Say About Intimacy. 

In Intimacy from His View, Jeremy takes readers on a journey of exploration in true no-holds barred fashion. “I wrote this book to be able to create a safe space for people of color, especially black men, to be able to have much needed dialogue,” says debut author Jeremy Johnson.  Through research, interviews, commentary and his own brand of humor, Johnson invites everyone interested in discovering what black men have to say about intimacy to pull up a chair, grab a cocktail and sit for a bit.

The official book launch and signing will be held on Sunday December 13th, 2020 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm at the Ohio River South, 115 MLK Jr. Drive SW, Suite 225A, Second Floor, Atlanta, GA, 30303. Influencer Yentle Marie and New York Times best-selling author J.L. King will be the special guest host. Jeremy Johnson will bring his musical stage persona J’Da Prynce to life with live performances throughout the evening. Catering will be provided by ABO Events.  Author Jeremy Johnson will be available for press interviews and photos upon request. Intimacy From His View-What Black Men Have to Say About Intimacy will be available for purchase at this event. 

You must RSVP here due to limited seating. COVID-19 guidelines will be followed during this event.


Let’s Get Intimate with Author, Jeremy J. Johnson

By Janelle Harris|Sheeb Magazine | September 21st, 2020

Jeremy J. Johnson, affectionately known by his many fans from around the world as J’Da Prynce, wears many hats.  One moment he provides you with a Five-Star dining experience at Louisiana Bistreaux, where he is a server. The next moment, he is bringing an animated crowd to their feet as he renders a high energy performance. 

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